Cash on Delivery

What does Cash on Delivery (COD) mean?

Cash on Delivery or Payment on Delivery is one of the remarkable payment methods for online shopping in Bangladesh. Your customers prefer to receive and view the product before delivery, and this is possible because of the COD.

Cash-on-delivery is a type of payment way of delivery tiger courier service made at the time of delivery rather than in advance through online payment or bank transfer. It is basically interchangeable with the term “collect on delivery” because nowadays it also includes transactions through credit or debit cards or any online account and other forms of cashless payments.

Therefore, the name does not mean that you must have money in physical form and pay the delivery man. However, before applying this payment method, you must contact the company if you are expecting the product or if it is available or not

Currently we accept two kinds of payment:

  1. Cash On Delivery

  2.  Mobile Banking