herbal rose soap with APS

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Herbal Soap with Rose 170g

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aps with Rose

The history of rose which its scent is accepted as a symbol of peace in all religions goes long way back. The marvellous scent of rose has ravished in Chinese and Sanskrit writings and the oils with rose fragrance were utilized in religious ceremonies. The oldest information about distillation of the rose and obtainment of rose distillate product was given by Ibn Haldun, author of Arabic history, and he has notified that rose water was a commercial product to be delivered to China and India in the 8th and 9th centuries. Persia rose water has been mentioned as beauty water by the year of 946 in a ceremony pharmacopeia of Constantine VII, Roma Emperor. Rumour has it that the production of rose oil had been considered by Nevcihan, the daughter of shah of Iran in 14th century at first. The pools were filled with rose water instead of water in the wedding ceremony of Nevcihan and Cihangir at the garden of palace, Nevcihan saw the oil- accumulate over the water, and ordered to seperate them.

History herbal soap with rose;
* It was prepared by combining dried rose with olive oil and cotton oil.
* It does not include any animal additives and colorants.
* Our product is Manufactured with hot process production method handmade in adhering to traditional methods.
* It can be used for all types of skin conveniently.
* It gives freshness with nice scent, and helps you relieve tiredness of the day.
* It helps cleaning the scurf in the skin. It moisturizes and softens the skin.
* Formed on the skin helps reduce the stain and skin darkening.
* It nourishes and revives your skin with vitamin E and glycerine inside.
* ph value is on the level of ensuring the clearance without irritating in even sensitive skin.
* Our products were tested dermatological.
* It is produced in accordance with good manufacturing practices, TURKAK approved ISO,9001:2008 and ISO 22716 in cosmetics.







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